Sustainable Construction

Terracon Construction recognizes the immense impact that building has on the environment. That is why we are committed to integrating sustainable methods to our building projects, bringing green practices to your neighborhoods. Our dedicated sustainability group continuously assesses our business practices and modifies accordingly with sustainability in mind.

Our sustainability team delivers project assistance and learning development opportunities to all of our employees, educating them on the latest technologies, policies, and actions relating to Energy and Environmental Design’s rating system.

Implementing these standards not only benefit the environment, but building more efficient buildings reduces the overall annual operating costs as well as extending the life expectancy of building systems. In short, at Terracon Construction we believe building for tomorrow can help save money today.

Sustainability’s Presence in Terracon’s Operations:

  • • Developed and adhere to strict criterion for waste recycling
  • • Committed to continuous and comprehensive green learning to all employees
  • • Practice environmentally sound production methods
  • • Aim to reduce a building’s carbon footprint by energy efficient