General Contracting

Pre-Construction Services

Building features along with the smallest of details are established long before the construction begins. The construction schedule and timeframe are reviewed, fine-tuned, and fully developed. Here at Terracon Construction, we believe that we can positively influence the outcome of all projects, large or small, by providing our clients with complete pre-construction services that encompasses the following objectives and criteria:

  • Budgeting

    Pre-construction budgeting will be performed in conjunction with our design team to ensure projects are kept in balance with our clients’ predetermined budget. Project managers form the design and construction teams work together to ensure that a complete check- and-balance system is utilized throughout the design and budgeting process.

  • Constructability Review

    The presence of Terracon’s management personnel in the design team meetings is essential to provide direction on design decisions that impact the schedule and the construction process. Action items and constructability issues are resolved at team meetings to ensure that not even the smallest concern falls through the cracks.

  • Permitting

    The permitting process begins the instant that the construction documents are received from the design team. Project managers continually track the progress of all construction documents to ensure targeted construction start dates.

  • Long Lead Procurement

    To ensure project milestones are met, long lead-time items are identified and secured. Terracon Construction’s managers work with vendors to retain all information and documentation to ensure a timely project completion.

  • Qualified Contractor Selection

    Terracon Construction takes great care to maintain excellent working relationships with our team of subcontractors by recognizing that our ability to remain competitive originates with responsiveness and cooperation from the subcontractor. We are responsible to ensure that all subcontracts are in keeping with the intent of the project and are in the interest of our client’s goals and objectives.

  • Scheduling Objectives and ControlsOur scheduling methods are designed to provide an effective technique for planning, monitoring, and controlling the work. The following are the three prime objectives of Terracon Construction’s scheduling methods:
    • • Identify a method of achieving set objectives through development of well-defined, realistic plan.
    • • Provide a visual means of conveying this plan to all team members and to facilitate the necessary and timely updating and monitoring procedure
    • • Encourage the development and adoption of a recovery plan in order that optimum results and milestone objectives may be realized.

    Terracon Construction’s project controls are founded on the principle that potential obstacles should be discovered on paper rather than in concrete.

Construction Services
  • Means and Methods

    During the construction process, the cost of numerous common services can be minimized through proper negotiation, planning, and scheduling. Examples are as follows:

    • • Hoisting for multiple tasks
    • • Cleanup/Dumpster usage
    • • Scaffolding for multiple trades
    • • Winter protection
    • • Temporary heat
    • • Temporary electric
  • Field Observations

    Integral to the successful completion of the required work is daily field observations of ongoing construction activities. Daily observations and documentation of the progress will assist Terracon Construction to identify critical path objectives, proper sequencing of the work, and avoid potential conflicts on the site. Field observations and positive actions in response to the observations are a key element in helping the project move forward successfully.

  • Construction Close-Out

    We will prepare in advance of the target completion dates a detailed plan to implement the following:

    • • Owner occupancy
    • • Major equipment start-up and certification
    • • Owner training and operation instruction
    • • O/M manual preparation and close out documentation.
    • • Project warranty and punch list tracking completion and procedures
    • • Financial audit and reconciliation of costs.
  • Safety / Loss Control

    Terracon Construction has adopted the following safety and loss control philosophy for the basis of their entire approach:

    “The principle of safety and loss control is based on a commitment to prevent injuries to persons, promote conservation of property, and control the effect on both the earning potential of the individual and the project. It involves instilling in the individual a personal concern for the protection of life and property.”

    Planning for safety will start with the design and continue through the entire construction process.